1. Tell the best memories of this year?
Going to a botanic garden on me and my partner's anniversary and sittin' in the car with my 3 rats (in the carrier) on my lap for the first time, knowing that I'll get to brink 'em home.

2. Have you gotten any tattoos/piercings during the past year?

3. Did anyone close to you die?

4. Who was the coolest new person that you met?
Thaaat is weirdly a big unknown, this year I've focused more on keeping in touch with the amazing people I already have in my life.

5. Which countries (or new cities) did you visit?

6. What would you like to achieve in 2020 that you didn't do in 2019?
Hmm.. I'd say I achieved enough this year that I can comfortably push forward next year.

7. New dish/food that you figured out was good?
A soup me and me partner figured out ourselves, the first time I ate it so much I didn't want to move for 3 hours... It's so good.

8. ...what about sweet?

9. The biggest achievement of the year?
Starting to get my mental health more in check.

10. The word of the year
Compact ("You're so compact." -Dan 2019, aka him finding it funny that I'm sitting in the weirdest positions all the time)

11. What's the best thing you bought?
A good quality rat cage that makes it possible for me to give 'em a good home. Oh, and my new bed (that's been done in collabration with allergy & asthma association, so super sensitive!) has been amazing, it's obviously better for my body and it makes it possible for me and my partner to sleep next to each other without being an awkward sweat spoon all night. Aaand my fancy knife set is definitely making cooking more smoother. Lots of things to be grateful for.

12. What got you the most excited?
Getting (and this time properly adopting) pets after 6-7(?!) years.

13. Compared to this time around last year, are you now happier or sadder?
I think I'm happier.

14. Thoughts when you look into a mirror?

15. What's your finances like?
Good, good. Could actually still invest into a killer PC if I'd just dare to spend some.

16. What you wish you'd done more?
Sooomehow being able to get less stuck with my anxieties, which means staying more in the moments? Letting stuff pass, I'll put it that way. Mindfullness is going to be a darn thing.

17. ...how about less?
Worrying, as usual.

18. How did you spend your Xmas?
24th I spent with my brother at my place ("jumalauta"), 25th our family gathered at our parent's and after that me and brother went to see Star Wars on a late screening and on 26th my partner arrived to spend the last Xmas night with me and we watched Klaus to wrap it all up (which let me tell you is easily the best Xmas movie I've seen so far).

19. Did you fall in love in 2020?
I did re-fall in love yes, if you can put it that way. Amazing feeling, it turns out.

20. What was the most pleasant TV-serie that you watched?
Shit, I've watched so many. Amm.. Gentleman Jack (HBO), Good Omens (Prime Video) and The Handmaid's Tale (HBO). All abso-fuckin'-lutely-brilliant.

21. What was the best book that you read?
Seksistä ja matematiikasta (2015) by Iida Rauma

22. ...the best discovery in the world of music?
Weirdly not any? I've listened surprisingly little music this year, might be 'cause I've been too busy catching up with every other media that I consume, and the new albums that I was hyped about didn't quite live up to the expectations.

23. ...best albums?

24. Best game?
I mean Control is published this year, but I haven't finished it at all so I don't know yet. Diner Bros (2018) has been an absolute blast, so does Golf With Your Friends (2016) and currently at the end of Candleman: The Complete Journey (2018) that's absolutely adorable and so wholesome. So there's some.

25. What was your favorite movie of the year?
Dark Phoenix? Weirdly not that many groundbreaking movies this year, I noticed I've been rewatching a bunch of stuff instead. Oh, and the Kitbull short! Loved it.

26. What did you do on your birthday?
At home with my partner, saw brother on the day before and a friend from abroad arrive on the next day.

27. Tell a life lessons which you've learnt this year.
Give your mental health the space it needs, and credit if it shows symptoms of something. Don't be afraid to grow as an individual, change is necessary in life and things will flow with you.

28. Lyrics for the year?

"Here we go again I will not give in
I've got a reason to fight
Every day we choose
We might win or lose
This is the dangerous life"

by Caleb Hyles and Jonathan Young

29. How did you spend the New Year's?
We (me and my partner) went for a short walk while holding hands and before/after spent some time with the ratties, then we wrapped up the night watching a movie while eating "bread pizzas".

30. Describe the year in three words
Cryptically building life.

Happy New Year world
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