I seem to have one of these monday mornings, that I find myself being still for hours. My mind is like an ocean full of waves that have hurry to nowhere.

I find myself surrounded of things that I feel grateful for. I have life around me, and even tho I have forever felt more or less lost, I feel lost with a purpose. Life is rippling around me but it feels comforting.

I want to reflect my past years, my feelings and thoughts of self-growth.

I feel like I've finally found myself in a place of my life where no one is actively limiting, or I'm not trying to let them, how I'm supposed to be. No one is telling me what to wear, how to behave or breathe. I have worked my way to more balanced diet, that's aligned with my core values. I'm aware that I want to be close to the people I'm close to, I don't feel like I need any of them, yet I have freely chosen 'em all (and they've chosen me back).

I'm not scared to even lose touch with my parents, since that's already happened once and I rolled with it surprisingly well. I've let go of fear and fully welcomed the freedom and responsibilities that it brings. Without noticing I've grown my weird side hair out to a point that you haven't been able to tell for awhile, and I've started to actually miss the quirky side of it. I've thought about tattoos seriously since I was 16, and since I'm getting an actual battle scar soon, it might be the right time to take some this year, to company it.

I've started to gain a better understanding of how my mind works. How I work with the world.
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