Healing & Site launch

Last thursday, which I basically never finished

I think I've achieved a certain bliss of not being sure of how I'm turning out as a person walking on this Earth, not necessarily even wanting to know.

I have to say hand surgery does wonders to one's mind: There's days when you feel extremely frustrated that the dishes are covering your entire kitchen, you just sink into your blanket and keep binging movies 'cause there are some days when no one's taking care of you except you. There are moments when it feels dumb to ask other people to do all the cooking. You find yourself hold your hair tie and walk up to your partner and ask him to perform the nightly Teletubby to stop your hair suffering while you sleep on it, 'cause that just happens to be one of the things no one realized to think beforehand. The tragicomic moments of opening doors with your left hand, especially the front door, and patiently counting extra time for putting clothes on before you leave the house. It was pretty natural to walk around without putting the arm into the jacket's sleeve, but I can also tell that it was comforting to get the arm to fit through it again after a week. Maybe today is the last day of weird combination of frozen potatoes with something in the oven? I shall redeem my strength to slide back in to normal independence.

I went for a walk to check had all the ducks left the pond, and it turned out yeah, the pond had frozen and there was no one in it. Kind of sad, but also beautiful to know they'd be back there soon."


I find myself thinking how to imply more gratitude into my life, while I take steps forward in a hallway of healing. I also wish to learn to reflect my past and present in a more healthy way.

I feel like there's so much noise, everywhere and in my life in particular, so creating this own individual corner is going to be a really good thing. I do wish to use social media less, only as an extension or window towards something and not let it grow to be the something Be more intentional. Mindful. I do wish I don't end up irritated with my past like I did with my old blogs.

I bought this domain (welcome to nordicshadow.com!) couple of days ago, but its official launch is today, hence the prediction of the name change - happened now since I figured it out. The site itself, the way it looks, is still incomplete, but that's a little no can do since my arm started to hurt like hell and now I'm speed typing this out with only using my left arm. I'll finish the design when I can.

I think I'll go numb my brains with some TV or a book.
I'll be back in a better condition.

Oh, I also created twitter or IG for this site. Thought they'd be handy to have.
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