I wish to write couple of words about my b-day, to memorize it.

I woke up at 10, I had put an alarm 'cause I wanted to get some shit done; did the dishes, combined two bags of amazing crisps into a bowl and took the famous birthday cake hat duck on placed it on the table and so on. Partner woke up  roughly  at 11.30 when I was about to change my new cactus (thx grandma!) into a new pot, but since the ratties were awake we decided to tidy their home instead - the pot followed. The ratties also got introduced to the absolutely ridiculous gigantic spiky hammer piñata, which they seemed to enjoy.

After all that was done, brother had left his house and was heading this direction. While waiting  we decided to take a lil walk and watch an episode of Castlevania which all ended up being pretty much perfect timing. It was time for the killer amazing tortillas + pizza. And the tiger cake we had made last evening! And Catan with the knight expansion, where there was an absolute silk sheep master, an insane village and city builder who beat the boat's butt (me!) and a simple diplomat. Then after we had finished all the cake it was time to finally test the long awaited Dungeon Rush, which turned out to be surprisingly funny. I think we had four rounds of that (and Jelly Kupe! I swear someone put something in my cake, it wasn't that funny - although it kinda was), and last round I got to find out that Unicorn wasn't the secret ingredient for winning.

I can't remember when was the last time that my birthday was this much fun, had a lot of laughs thx to brother and partner. Such an amazing day.
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