Leap Day and Forward

I was supposed to write on a leap day, last Saturday, but as you can tell I didn't do that. Supposed to never seems to work for me.

But here I am.

Things have changed a lil bit since the last scribble, my thumb can move pretty much normally now, even tho I get pains quite easily in duration (but they ease faster!). My muscle usage isn't also back to normal just yet, using a lot of power still hurts. But hey, my sick leave ends on Sunday (happy b-day me yaaay), so I'm still literally in recovery. The forced oven foods have been part of the past now (I still had to do some after last scribble). I also managed to lift one rattie up by myself again on tuesday (woo for the thumb)!

The leap day was fine, me and my partner went to see Parasite (which IMO doesn't live up to the hype, but also wasn't bad in any means) and prepared tortillas after. It was all quite fascinating, since I doubt I've ever been to cinema two times in a row: I took myself to see The Invisible Man the day before (which I BTW can recommend, it had one absolutely fantastic scene in it).

I'm currently having quite casual Friday by myself: been to the city, went for a walk and threw one more bag of clothes for donation, made some dinner and watched a movie, did the dishes, organized some more and wiped the dust, scratched ratties and now I'm just chilling on da PC (played a game, now writing this and soon watching another movie with a friend). It's soon midnight and my birthday weekend has officially started.

Random note: I'm excited since I noticed it's going to be full moon this Halloween.
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