Kettu (Fox) IRL or Varjoalitajunta / Varjo (Shadow) online/in gaming.

Nerd, published poet, partner and a parent for three rattie boys, living in Helsinki, Finland. Also a teetotaler, music lover, vegan, cinephile, queer and what other labels you wish to throw at me that I can claim? Oh, intersectional feminist is probably a big one. 1,¾ meters tall, long hair, pierced, moon tanned with green eyes. Fully black clothing catches my eye and grayscale is all I need from my closet. My weaknesses (or strenghts) are loopin' the same songs all day, seeking out good psychological horror films, comparing choco percentages in chocolate while trying to find the best one, being witty and throwing lame jokes. I love typography and numbers, making lil puzzles out of poetry, plants, stars and all living, going on walks at night and staying up late smashing video games.
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